Platinum Dungeon – Easy Dungeon Set #04

Games 06 Easy Dungeon is an innovative system that allows you, thanks to magnetic tiles, to compose the dungeon in a fast and realistic way. The tiles are already printed with graphics designed specially by the team of Games06 to reproduce the typical characteristics of the dungeon. So you will not need to paint anything more, once you have finished playing. you can quickly store all the pieces in a small box that you can always carry with you. All at a truly ridiculous price!

The Platinum Dungeon is the King Size set, designed to build a complete mapping of the dungeon whit furnitures and monsters. Being able to have a surface that is close to 10 square feet, and being able to use almost 368 different sized tiles (almost 48 feet in length) corridors, rooms, alleys that you can have will be big enough to let you complete the quest! Don’t forget, €199.90 is the KS price!

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