Furniture Set


12,10  USD (the price may vary depending on the exchange rate)

The furniture set is designed to allow DMs to create special rooms, mark particular spots or simply enrich the dungeon!

Included in the package you will find: bookcases, wardrobes, fireplaces, weapon racks, barrels, etc. for a total of 33 Cardboard Tiles.

Plastic supports and magnets not included.



The Easy Dungeon Magnetic Scenery for Role Playing Games is designed to make the gaming experience realistic, fast and convenient without having to spend a lot of money to do it. All this while keeping faith with the fundamental principle of role playing: never knowing what will be a few steps ahead!  With the Easy Dungeon system you can build corridors, alleys, rooms progressively as the DM tells the unraveling of the adventure.

Easy Dungeon as well as being quick to build, it is just as quick to store. Once the pieces have been replaced, the all set fits into a box slightly larger than the Mat itself (13 x 9 inches). Add lightness too, the result is you can take it anywhere you want comfortably, whether you play in your home or a friend.

Each module consists of a cardboard tile (uv print on both sides), a plastic support and a magnet (Neodymium magnetic block, nickel-plated. Strength of attraction: 2.5 lbs approx.). You will attach the magnet to the support thanks to the adhesive film, then proceed to fix the tile over it. Once done you will see how, as soon as you approach the piece to the mat, this will immediately attract it.

Additional information

Weight 2,17 kg
Dimensions 29,5 × 24,5 × 4 cm


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